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Thursday, 27 December 2018

My Forest

 Don’t know, if you are aware ,
That woods can change the place of living.
That it is impossible to get lost in the forest, because all trees are different, and they all have soul ?
Having got started,
They begin slow long way, looking for a better place.
Most eager they set out in autumn, as birds.
                               Or as a human.                             
Sometimes we are lost, and don’t know what to do...
We are looking for for better paths  and better ways.
But forest is never silent for those who understand his language
All magic of my forest goes down into my soul by its roots.
I am imprisoned in it as a great Marlyn

 My life looks like  a forest
which the Narnian fire is burning in.
I’m here, observe myself !
Only discern the voice of my forest
My forest is so familiar and long forgotten
Like the face of beloved   person, who died
Like an old dream, like waves of the sea which does not exist anymore in my valley
As of a piece of forgotten song,
As a memory about past childhood or about eternity of all living and dying
Million years ago, some body's heart  has been pricked  in the  same way, as mine now
Clouds, passing by under the tops of trees, are reconfirming his feeling lonely familiarity.
You come to me.
I know you will fall in  love with  my forest,
But now I’m walking  in it alone,
And  forest can’t be loved from  a distance,
You should sense it.
I have gone deep into myself and have reveled  by kilometers of the forest silence and calm
Now the forest twillights  changed by the smell of strawberries and lilac bells, by the quivering of aspen leaves...
All  trees in my forest of have got opened..
The sacred  forest  my soul pulls  new tender shoots of hope to the sky ..
I am now a part of  magic forest  myself...
Engine  without the rest. I've got under the rain and became part of the rain. I met a morning in the forest and became a dew .... I became a part of a dew ...
My forest has opened up for me, i learned to feel his familiar empathy. I will open up my forest for you ...
Do not let me go......
all the  trees are different in it..
He seems to be living with his life again ...
It has unshakable maturity of trunks and crowns ..
ghostly and beautiful Elves are living  in it , and no one can change it olready  ...
My forest now --- richer than a king

Khinkiladze Katerina

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The sound of the violin

 Only the magical sound of the violin
Life can give a dreamy leaves

Sunday, 5 March 2017


The exterior and the interior found their harmony
The bitter taste of cocoons hiding the seeds of satisfaction
®. Žarkov

House where nobody lives

In a stormy night
In front of the house where nobody lives
Dying every soul who wanders